Walks in Warwickshire

Immerse yourself in nature. Explore our top walks in Warwickshire. Enjoy nature in all it’s glory whilst staying at Chesford Grange Hotel.


15 minute drive 

What’s one of the best walks in Warwickshire? Find out if it’s Charlecote Park. Let yourself take in tranquil views of River Avon, say hello to the herds of Jacob sheep and fallow deer which roam freely in the park all year round, and uncover rare plants in the woodland garden.    

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW246647360 BCX8">CHARLECOTE PARK</span></strong>


18 minute drive 

If you want to enjoy a peaceful and quick woodland walk in Warwickshire, get yourself over to Welcombe Hills.  

Put some comfy walking boots on and pass through the woodland that contains oak, horse-chestnut and beech with English elm. You’re also likely to spot many birds on your walk, including a great spotted woodpecker, sparrowhawk, little owl, treecreeper, and finches.  

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW246686917 BCX8">WELCOMBE HILLS</span> </strong>


20 minute drive 

Want to get yourself and the kids out in nature for the day? Walk through Leam Valley, a nature reserve on the edge of Leamington Spa.   

Kids can have fun on a one-mile long interactive trail with activities along the way, and you can get the moment of peace you need while sitting along the river. Keep an eye out for the kingfishers, dragonflies, and the abundance of butterflies!   

<strong>L<span class="NormalTextRun SCXW258816669 BCX8" data-ccp-charstyle="eop" data-ccp-charstyle-defn="{&quot;ObjectId&quot;:&quot;3be3f53f-8766-4af4-b199-88e10507f87d|16&quot;,&quot;ClassId&quot;:1073872969,&quot;Properties&quot;:[469775450,&quot;eop&quot;,201340122,&quot;1&quot;,134233614,&quot;true&quot;,469778129,&quot;eop&quot;,335572020,&quot;1&quot;,469778324,&quot;Default Paragraph Font&quot;]}">EAM VALLEY</span></strong>


10 minute drive 

For those seeking a challenging walking route, the Millennium Way: Warwick Waterside route is perfect. This 7.2-km loop trail in Royal Leamington Spa takes an average of 1 hour and 46 mins to complete and passes through historic Warwick Castle and St. John's House Museum near the centre of Warwick.  

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW193221961 BCX8">MILLENNIUM WAY: WARWICK WATERSIDE</span> </strong>